A Bukowski Breakdown on Death

posted on: August 18, 2014

charlesbukowsk cbukowski I came across this quote from the utterly amazing Charles Bukowski today and it really got my brain moving. It’s like I found the words that where already in my heart, yet they where written by another. Have you ever truly taken into consideration you and everyone you meet are eventually going to die? By no means am I trying to be morbid, only attempting to get you to deeply think. Look at the world around you. There’s so much pain, so much hate. What the hell are we doing to each other? Have we really been raised by such a fucked up society that we’ve been brainwashed to believe the most trivial things in life are grounds for hate? Stop and think… that person you treated terrible is a human being just like you. You have no idea what kind of life they live just from the tiny window you’ve peeked inside while coming in contact with them. You may live completely different lives but the slightly morbid and absolutely beautiful common ground you will always share is death. I’ve been considered a pushover throughout the entirety of my life, but that’s just society’s fucked up view on people like me. We prefer the term lovers. You’ve all taken your first breath and eventually you’ll take your last. Be kind to each other, -Amanda Machell Follow on Bloglovin Photos via tumblr

A Smelly Yet Most Effective Facial Toner

posted on: August 15, 2014



As a skincare junkie since the age of 13 I’ve used A LOT of facial toners in my life. Some rather inexpensive, and others I’m even too shameful to admit how much I spent on them. Yet, the best toner facial toner I’ve ever used is one I now make in my bathroom. This little concoction is ridiculously cheap and amazingly effective. Apple cider vinegar has changed my skin in some pretty awesome ways, and for about three dollars I have enough toner to last me over a year. I’m not going to lie; it smells pretty awful… to be honest it smells like dirty feet. All the good benefits definitely outweigh the bad, so here is what you can look forward to besides a face that smells like feet for ten minutes.

  •  Our skin is acidic with a pH of about 4.5 to 6. This helps our skin fight off free radicals and pollutions in the air throughout the day. However, our facial cleansers strip our skin of this protective acid. Apple cider vinegar contains a pH of about 4.5 to 5.5 helping us replace the acid we strip away while cleansing.
  • Apple cider vinegar is a natural antiseptic with antibacterial properties. This is makes it perfect for fighting off pimples or any bacteria that can eventually cause a breakout to occur.

Since using this homemade toner I’ve experienced skin that is brighter and more glowing with a huge reduction in breakouts. It’s super easy to make and takes less than a minute.

  • First make sure you have organic apple cider vinegar. I’m extremely adamant about the organic part! I haven’t ever used anything except organic and worry about what the impurities may do to skin.
  • Fill an empty bottle half way with the vinegar.
  • Dilute the vinegar by filling the rest of the bottle with water making a 1:1 ratio for your toner.
  • Before applying shake well.

Last but not least… don’t breath in when applying. I promise you get used to the smell… eventually.

Much love!

-Amanda Machell

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5 Things that are Ruining Your Wildest Dreams

posted on: August 11, 2014

Wildest dreams   Society We’ve all got dreams for our life, and if you don’t then I truly feel sorry for you. But your dreams are at risk of being completely demolished by some simple things you may not even know you’re doing. Think about your life for a quick second. Are you where you thought you’d be at this point? Are you doing all the things you once dreamed of or at least making steps for them to happen one day? Are you happy? If not, then answer this one last question. Has the world taken away your ability to dream? It’s not weird if you have lost this ability. Quite honestly in this day and age it’s actually normal. Though I’ve always been somewhat of an extreme dreamer, I’ve watched many friends, family members, and even complete strangers lose the ability to dream. My downfall comes in the actual accomplishing aspect of dreams. Through much reflection and spectating the lives of others (not because I’m nosey but a people watcher) I’ve seen many of the same aspects appear as dreams start to disappear. There are many important things in life, but you only get this one chance to live it all out. If you want to be happy, sincerely live, and accomplish your wildest dreams then reflect on these next few things. Ask yourself are you falling under their spell and losing sight of your dreams?

  1. Fear- Have the fears in your life created an internal voice telling you that you can’t accomplish something? A lot of this is actually the fear of change. You know in order to make things happen in your life a huge amount of change must take place and most of us hate change. This uncomfortable feeling of change ultimately turns into fear.
  2. Job- Sometimes jobs we dislike can make us feel trapped and almost hopeless about life. I’ve been there. I got sucked into this kind of thinking for a brief moment in time, and every day I’m so thankful I woke up one morning and said ‘fuck it, I’m done’. I can’t stress enough how important loving your job is for your life as a whole. Think about it, we spend a huge chunk of our time there and if we are miserable at work it will eventually overflow into the rest of your life.
  3. Society- Are you being kept from achieving your dreams because it’s not exactly what society views as the ‘norm’? Newsflash people, society is completely screwed up. Most of the people who are deemed as a success are sincerely miserable. Not everyone, but I’ve seen this in far too many people to even think of following a path of normal social standards.
  4. Bad Energy- Everyone has people in their lives that they know should be purged out. That person who silently oozes envy and manipulates you into believing your dreams are either stupid or unachievable. Get the hell away from these people! I know, it’s much easier said than done. Seriously it’s time to either distance yourself completely, or have a little talk to let them know you’re done with the toxic dream crushing.
  5. Lack of Motivation- I suffer from this and the best thing I can tell you is to get your lazy ass up and start creating the life you want. Yeah, it sucks sometimes but just keep in mind what you’re after and the happiness that will engulf life once it’s finally achieved.

If you notice any of these things in your life, run; run as fast as you can away from their grip and straight towards your dreams. You’ve got one shot at this life. Stop wasting your energy on unnecessary factors that ultimately will not matter one bit once you’ve reached your wildest dreams.
Paz ser com você!
-Amanda Machell
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Learning to Love Yourself

posted on: July 30, 2014

love yourself


Love is the only thing that can save this world. It’s also the only thing that can save you. I’m not talking about falling in love with a partner; I’m talking about falling in love with yourself. The only way you’ll ever have true compassion for humanity is to love yourself as a human being first. The only way you’ll ever be able to become so madly in love with someone is to first love the only person you really know, yourself. It all sounds so cliché but I’ve learned it’s all so true. For almost the first time in my life I can truly say I love myself, and I have to tell you it’s the most amazing feeling. A better feeling than you could ever get from another human being. Pure love of your own self, your soul, and your spirit. It’s been a crazy journey filled with tears, long sleepless nights and now pure peaceful joy. It’s not something that can be accomplished in a matter of days or weeks. Loving yourself takes time and dedication. I can’t promise you that you won’t have bad days, but I can guarantee you better days are ahead.

No one can give you the exact answers to loving yourself, but here are a few things that will help you along the way.

  • Start & end your day with loving affirmations to yourself. (You’re intelligent, beautiful, strong, etc.)
  • Meditate daily
  • Write down every positive thing that makes you unique.
  • Get moving! (Yoga & walking are my all time favorite as they serve a great time for reflection)
  • Go one full week without any makeup. (you’ll be amazed at the outcome of this experience)
  • Spend more time naked & alone. (This is liberating & I’ve learned the more time you send looking at your organic body, the more you appreciate you!)
  • Start living a healthier lifestyle. (The better you treat your body, the better it treats you.)
  • Reflect on your life in pure silence. (Past, present, & future) SO IMPORTANT!
  • Rid yourself of all things in life that don’t allow your true happiness. (Job, friends, material possessions, etc.)

Paz ser com você!

-Amanda Machell

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posted on: July 16, 2014

Untitled #11

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posted on: July 12, 2014

Tomorrow's Death

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The Importance of Grounding Yourself

posted on: July 10, 2014


(Don’t mind the crazy Teva tan lines on my feet)

I’m that girl with my head so far in the clouds I forget where I am… a lot. Most people throughout my life have guessed me to be shy but it’s not exactly the case. I’m just stuck in my mind, dreaming, drifting & wandering almost constantly. No, it’s not really a bad thing… but… grounding yourself is important not just for you health, but also for your life. If you’re constantly drifting away, filled with anxiety, or have little to no direction in your life it’s time to get grounded.

Grounding is great for relieving anxiety, lowering blood pressure and helping keep your reality on track. I began using grounding techniques a while back and I have noticed an increase in my happiness and I’m more at peace with life in general.

So, how can you ground yourself?…. I ground myself in three different ways through yoga, grounding meditation, and walking barefoot on the earth. Getting your body moving through yoga and focusing on your breath is an amazing way to get grounded. After a session of yoga there is literally an instant change in your body and mind. It’s like this crazy shift in your life happens. You feel at one with all living things that come before you, and life is so beautiful.

If you aren’t familiar with meditation then a grounding meditation might take a little practice before you get the full effect. There are many guided grounding meditations on YouTube that are a great help for new meditators. I achieve the best sessions by listening to binaural beats dedicated to grounding through headphones. As the beats flow through you, envision your feet bare upon the earth growing roots. As the roots of your feet grow stronger, imagine them growing through the earth all the way to it’s core. Once they reach the core, imagine the light energy of the earth moving up through the roots ultimately consuming your whole body. At the end of these sessions I always feel a surge of endorphins, extreme energy, and at one with God and the earth.

The earth’s energy is vital for a healthy life, but I’ll save that for another post. When you walk barefoot along the earth you gain it’s energy. The best time to do this is when the ground is wet…. basically go walk in the mud or along the beach. Submerge your feet into the earth.  Since the earth is a natural source of electrons and electrical fields, it’s vital for your immune system and health as a whole to spend time in nature.

There are so many other ways to ground yourself. Don’t stay confined to the three I’ve listed; do a little research and find the ones that work best for you. The benefits of grounding are amazing and almost instant. It’s a for sure life changing practice.

Peace be with you!


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posted on: July 5, 2014

The End
More poetry nonsense… because sometimes I don’t know how else to speak other than in art.
Peace be with you!

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Satisfying the Soul

posted on: June 28, 2014


Simple Soul


I’ve made leaps and bounds in the past few years when it comes to discovering what life truly is about. For a brief moment in my life I was under the impression that material items would make me happy in times of sadness and uncertainty. I was involved in this world that made it seem like money and possessions fixed my problems. Momentarily it was a fix, but when the new wore off what do did I have? I had nothing, I was back in the same position I was in before I bought a little piece of happiness.
When we use shopping or food as a means to fix our emotions all we are doing is buying instant happiness. It doesn’t last long though, a few weeks at the most. Think hard about past situations where you might have done this. Those feelings we get telling us we ‘need’ something of monetary value come from our ego. There is a constant battle between your ego and your soul. The ego is often selfishly leading you down a path of happiness in terms of society’s standards that will ultimately only bring you down.
True happiness comes from nurturing your soul. Next time you feel the need to satisfy yourself with worldly possessions try defining what the emotional issue is at the core. There are so many other ways you can heal yourself and bring happiness to your life instead of buying brief healing emotions. Replace monetary happiness with meditation, or surround yourself with the ones you love, submerge yourself in nature. You have been equipped with everything you need in life to fulfill true happiness. Greed is a worldly issue but the soul is nurtured organically by God.
Peace be with you!
(Photos 1 & 3 found via tumblr)

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25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Year

posted on: June 24, 2014



I’ve been 25 for a month now and taken an immense amount of time to reflect on this quarter of a century I’ve conquered. Thinking back, I’ve realized I’ve learned a lot yet still have so much more knowledge to gain. So, compiled into this chaotic mind of mine I’ve found 25 of the most important things I’ve learned in a quarter of a century.

1. Life is hard, but easier than we make it out to be. (Stop complaining, your life is beautiful)
2. Learning to become best friends with yourself is a smart decision.
3. Becoming self sufficiently educated is way more valuable than any knowledge you’ll ever buy from an institution.
4. Never spend too much time on your hair, because natural messy hair is a beautiful way of life.
5. Meditation will help you keep your sanity.
6. Being called weird is a huge compliment.
7. A dog will always be more loyal than any human you’ve ever made a connection with in this world.
8. It’s liberating to feel beautiful when naked.
9. Surrender to your crazy sporadic ideas, you’ll be glad you did in the end.
10. Money & power will never define your worth.
11. Never stay at a job you don’t love, because you’re life is so much bigger than a career.
12. Always let your past mistakes be the best lessons you learn from.
13. Less makeup means more beauty.
14. Find spirituality and you’ll find life. Find God and you find love.
15. Imagination is rare in adulthood. If you still have it don’t lose it.
16. If your heart says yes always take it’s orders.
17. Materialism is a plague, learn to live with less & you’ll surely find happiness.
18. Nature is the ultimate classroom & God is the best professor.
19. Live like you mean it, some souls would love to still be hear living it up with the ones they love.
20. Music is the best drug you’ll ever experience.
21. Don’t waste your time in front of too many screens. (TV, phone, PC, etc.)
22. You have a spirit within you, listen to her often.
23. Never use an umbrella in a rain shower, the drops on your skin are gifts from the earth.
24. Don’t take life’s natural beauty for granted.
25. Love is the most important thing you can have & give in this life. If you find it never let it go, but if you do, always keep it’s memories safe in your soul.

Peace be with you!

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